Clinic Policies

  1. New Patient Registration
    All new patients wishing to join the practice are invited to make an initial registration appointment. This is a dedicated appointment which needs to be booked in advanced so as to offer you adequate time for our doctor to take your personal details and medical history. Please specify to our reception that you would like to book a registration appointment. All new applicants must complete a registeration form for our computer file including PPS number, medical card number (If applicable) and details of your previous GP Surgery. Once accepted as a new patient, all applicants will also need to sign a transfer of medical records form so that your complete medical history is forwarded for you. Please note that all patients are considered private patients at the time of joining the Clinic and our normal fees apply for all services including your registration appointment. Should you already have a medical card elsewhere or wish to apply for a medical card through our practice, please discuss this with your doctor at your registration appointment so that appropriate arrangements can be made in a timely manner.
  2. Telephone Advice
    Interruption during surgery is upsetting for both patient and doctor. For this reason, surgery staff have been asked not to disturb consultations with telephone calls.
  3. Ordering Prescriptions
    Repeat prescriptions may be issued for regular medications as arranged by your doctor. Please ensure you order your repeat prescriptions well in advance of running out of your medication to ensure treatment is continuous. Please Note: We require a minimum of 48 hours to process your request, so that your doctor will have sufficient time to review your file. Regular reviews are essential if you are on medication, to ensure it is working effectively and that you are not experiencing unwanted side effects. If you have not been seen recently, your doctor may request you to make a review appointment before preparing your prescriptions.
  4. Test Results
    Results of investigations e.g. blood tests are available from our Practice Nurse by telephoning: 042 9320038.Test result information will not be given to another person unless we have your prior permission.
  5. Medical Cards & GP Visit Cards
    All GMS patients who are attending the practice for the first time must provide a valid medical card or doctor visit card to reception. Patients with expired or invalid medical cards or doctor visit cards will be required to pay as per our normal schedule of fees, as only costs incurred while cards are valid are covered by the GMS.
  6. Payment Policy
    The Clinic aims to provide a fair and efficient service for all patients. To facilitate this, the Clinic has adopted a policy that all accounts should be settled at the time of your consultation We thank all our patients for co-operating with this policy. For your convenience we accept payment by cash, cheque, laser and credit cards.
  7. Confidentiality
    Your medical records are held in the strictest confidence. The practice is registered under the Data Protection Act. To ensure that your details are correct on the systems our staff may need to verify your name, date of birth or address when accessing your file. Access to patient files is limited to the appropriate level for each grade of staff. Only a doctor or nurse will be able to discuss clinical matters with you. It is our policy that all our staff maintain absolute confidentiality of patients records.
  8. Equality & Respect Policy
    We are commited to treating all patients in a courteous, consistant and professional manner. We aim to have a mutually fair and respectful relationship with our patients and to provide equality of service to all patients in an environment which is free from discrimination or harassment. Should you have any query or complaint regarding our services, please contact our Practice Manager
  9. Unacceptable Behaviour
    We aim to provide a comprehensive and professional service in an efficient and pleasant manner to all our patients. We strive to provide a helpful and friendly environment. We would ask that patients co-operate with all our staff in implementing our policies and to treat our staff in a courteous manner. We request patients to treat all staff with respect. Any patient or visitor who is verbally or physically abusive will be asked to leave and will be removed from the patient list.