31 Oct 2012
October 31, 2012

Save Money On Your Medicines

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Getting the right advice on your medication bills could save you lots of money. Many patients are not aware of their entitlements under various State schemes. There are a lot of different schemes and it can be difficult for patients to know exactly what they are entitled to.

Patients over 70 or those under certain income thresholds – are entitled to a medical card which entitles them to free medicines.

Long Term Illness Scheme – patients who suffer from a specific illness such as diabetes can obtain free medicines regardless of income.

Drugs Payments Scheme – the principal is that no family should pay more than a certain monthly threshold for medicines in any calendar month. Your pharmacist will be able to explain the scheme, help you to fill out the forms and advice you on the exact range of products for which you might be eligible, (most prescribed medicines are covered under the scheme)

Tax Refund on Medical Expenses – in addition to the Drugs Payment Scheme individuals may also be entitled to receive a tax refund on their medical expenses. Consistant use of the same pharmacy enables the pharmacist to provide a printout of your annual prescription bills and enables the pharmacist to assist you in completing your MED 1 form.